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| by Nada Allam

A Fancy Balloon Bag for a Fancy Outing

Now I know what you are probably thinking would never carry such an accessory. But I am here to convince you, that Kate Spade's fancy balloon bag can totally be worn for a fancy outing. Yes, the Kate Spade fancy balloon bag would be the perfect addition to your cocktail dress if you are heading out to an event. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw held the crystallized bird clutch? Well, if Carrie can pull something as unique as that, then you can definitely rock this fancy balloon bag by Kate Spade. Personally, I would wear this bag with an all black outfit, just to add some color and add a unique touch to my look. Wait, you have to see how to open this fancy balloon bag, it looks so adorable! Have I managed to convince you?

Available at Kate Spade.

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