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| by Nada Allam

A Lace Vanity Tray to Keep You Organized

I absolutely love cut-out lace vanity trays, they look so chic, especially when the are available in pastel colors. Trust me on this, this Urban Outfitters lace vanity tray is a great way to keep your room organized, or even your bathroom toiletries. Personally, I would line up my nail polish bottles in this lace vanity tray, instead of having them lying around the room. Maybe even add my perfumes next to the nail polish, this tray will prove to be a real space giver. Not only so, but also the mint shade of the cut lace vanity tray is a great way to add a pop of color to my shelf. You can use the cut lace vanity tray as a way to style your coffee table, maybe add some candles and flowers to it. Basically, the cut lace vanity tray can be used in many ways, choose what you prefer and decorate.

Available at Urban Outfitters

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