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| by Nada Allam

A Timeless Statement Necklace by BaubleBar

Nothing like a little bling bling to sparkle up your outfit on this fine Christmas day. Even if you are just staying home for dinner, go for a red pullover or knitted cardigan and accessorize with this golden statement necklace by BaubleBar. Frankly, this golden statement necklace from BaubleBar is truly an investment, and an amazing addition to your accessories collection. The gold chains are timeless, so no matter how much time passes, this statement gold necklace by BaubleBar will always be wearable. I truly love the chains dangling at the bottom of the necklace, the bigger the bolder right? What is awesome, is that this timeless statement necklace by BaubleBar comes in several colors, gold, silver, rose gold and matte black. So if gold is not really your thing, go for the chains that you think will go best with your style. As for outfits, do not worry this timeless statement necklace by BaubleBar can go with almost anything. 

Available at BaubleBar.

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