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| by The Fustany Team

40 Addictive Netflix Series and Plays to Watch When You're Stuck at Home

If you're stuck at home or exhausted after work, we all know what that means... binge watching series and plays on Netflix. Netflix can get overwhelming so we're showing you some of the best TV shows to binge watch ever. Whether you love, comedy, drama or documentaries, you really can't miss these addictive Netflix series and plays.

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Here are the best Netflix series that you must watch if you're bored at home:

Coming Soon on Netflix...


Katherine Langford is back for a Netflix series that will be make anyone who loves action packed fantasy. Wait for it on Friday, July 17th.


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Series for a good laugh...

1. Sex Education

Who doesn't love witty British comedy. This show will have you laughing so hard and falling in love with their clumsy, realistic personalities. 


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2. Friends

A classic, one we hope never EVER leaves Netflix. It's bingy, it's comfy and perfect for a cosy night in.


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3. I Am Not Okay With This

If you like dark comedy...this one has it all. It's actually a fantasy teen drama. You might as well cancel your Friday plans.


4. Jane the Virgin

You cannot miss this show. It is a hilarious comedy that takes on the humor of telenovelas with a mind blowing story.


5. Space Force

Netflix's newest comedy is a humorous take on the newest branch of military in the U.S. We actually got an early viewing of it and let's just say if you're a Steve Carell fan, this is exactly what you need for your quarantine days. We did a full review on the show, over on our Instagram. 

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6. Modern Family

A heartwarming family comedy that has withstood the test of time with 9 seasons and still immense popularity. It brought us some of today's most loved comedy actors and it's definitely something to unwind to on a Thursday night. 


7. Ayza Atgawez (I Want to Get Married)

This egyptian comedy has become a classic. The book adaption was a huge hit a few years ago with hilarious comedy from the incredible Hend Sabry and her portrayal of Ola's in search to find love and a husband within our complex society. 


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8. Rayah El Madam

With of some of Egypt's most popular comedians today, this 2017 Ramadan comedy was so popular that it landed a more permanent place on people's TVs. Ahmed Fahmy plays a director who's wife develops amnesia and starts taking up multiple personas. 


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If you like drama and period dramas...

9. Unorthodox 

An emotional show about a girl that comes from a strict Hasidic Jewish family in Brooklyn. She runs away from an arranged marriage to Berlin to find freedom, music and her own voice. 


10. Hollywood

What if Hollywood had changed in the 40s? What if it had been completely different? Would the world be a different place now? An exciting new limited series about aspiring filmmakers and actors fighting to see their dreams come true.


11. The Crown

Your love for the royal family will be on another level after you get into the crown. You won't be able to stop watching the history of the queen and those around her unfold like never before. Also, the next season will include Princess Diana, so everyone's looking forward to that.


12. Peaky blinders

A thrilling show about gangs with an enticing main character, Thomas Shelby. This show if full of exciting events and incredible acting.


13. Narcos

You've probably heard of the notorious Pablo Escobar, maybe it's time you see him in action. Everyone and their mothers has seen and loved this show. If you haven't, well maybe it's about time.


14. Mad Men

A brilliant series set in the 60s, revolving around Madison Avenue's tycoon advertising companies or at least that's what you think it's about at first. The series actually reveals itself to be a masterpiece that subtly discusses society, sexism and identity with brilliant acting and deep characters that are beyond realistic.


15. Love 101

For the Turkish drama lovers. This show is a teenage drama that is emotional and very dramatic. It's about love, friendship and finding the strength to be who you really are.


Something to keep you on the edge of your seat...

16. Dark

Literally everyone we know has seen this show. It's a mind-bending German series that will leave you lost, confused, excited and wracking your brain for answers. We can't really say too much on what they show's about. You're going to have to just watch. Good luck. 


17. Ozark

Watch Jason Bateman try to keep his family alive as he launders money for a Mexican cartel. Also a new season just camp out.


18. Money Heist

I know you're tired of hearing about this, but seriously...it is so good! Well worth the hype. If you haven't heard of this show, it is basically about how a group of people plan to pull off one of the biggest robberies in history.


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19. Prison Break

Not a new show, but one that many consider a classic. An intense crime TV show about an engineer that fights to get his wrongly convicted brother out of prison. 


20. You

This show is exciting, terrifying, confusing and mind boggling. If you haven't seen a psychopath push the boundaries of normal before, then this is something you really need to see.


21. How To Get Away With Murder

One of the best crime shows out there, starring the one and only Viola Davis. Just when you think you've figured things out, you'll be hit with a cliffhanger that has you running to the remote.


22. The Gift

This is a thrilling very suspenseful Turkish show that will have you confused and on the edge of your seat, trying to predict what will happen.


23. Stranger Things

This show is such a fun interesting twist on Sci-Fi set in the '80s. It's a mystery unveiling a government experiment and a little girl with special skills. It's hard not to keep watching until the sun comes up.


24. Locke & Key

Magical keys unlocking special powers? Yes please. This is one of the newest Netflix original series that is based on the best selling popular graphic novels. Even the trailer is enough to get you hooked!


25. Black Mirror

It's hard to explain this show with words. So, all we're gonna say is...GO WATCH THIS NOW. This show is a brilliant groundbreaking series about the dangers of technology and how it could affect our future and humanity.


26. Grand Hotel/Secret of The Nile

This one's for all the people who missed it in Ramadan. An enticing story line that will keep you excited and curious. It has officially left the realm of a 'Ramadan only show' and has become something we watch anytime anywhere.


27. Elite 

A school drama that some people are calling the Spanish version of Gossip Girl. It starts with a murder mystery and how it affects the characters. A new season is coming out soon, so start watching!


Netflix Classic Plays

28. Raya and Sakina

One of the most famous plays displaying the story of Raya and Sakina with a comedy adaptation, starring big stars such as Shadia, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Suheir El Babli and Ahmed Bedir.


29. The School of Mischief

Who of us doesn't remember this amazing play, that we used to all gather in front of the TV to watch, with uncontrollable laughs from the bottoms of our hearts?


30. The Married Couples

Aside from being an unbelievably funny play, it portrays a very important case about marriage from different social classes and the financial obstacles that married people face. 


31. No Longer Kids

Seeing this trio, Ahmed Zaki, Saeid Saleh and Younes Shalaby brings joy to my heart and makes me nostalgic to the time when these stars used to dominate the stage and movie screens.


Documentaries and reality TV to blow your mind!

32. Unsolved Mysteries

The producers of Stranger Things take on the documentary world for a chilling new series that follows real stories of weird unexplained mysteries of disappearances, murders and paranormal encounters. 


33. Down To Earth With Zac Efron

If you're looking to be inspired. Actor Zac Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien travel the world to learn more about sustainable living and why we need to rethink our lifestyles and how we're living.   


34. The Goop Lab

Everyone has to see this. It discusses innovative and interesting approaches to wellness that break the rules of the norm and even what we know of science. It's truly mind blowing.


35. Love is Blind

A reality TV show that everyone is obsessing over, where they basically test whether love is truly blind or not. They actually have a group of people date for a week without seeing each other at all!


36. The Mind Explained

This documentary delves deep into explaining everything that happens inside our minds, from memory and mindfulness to dreams and hallucinations! It is narrated by Emma Stone.


37. Babies

The show follows around babies from the moment they are born until they're 1 year old, in order to watch them grow up and see how a child connects to their mother and fathers.


38. Coronavirus Explained

The newest edition to the Explained series. It discusses the pandemic is depth, what's happening to be able to fight it and how it's affecting our mental health.


39. The Last Dance

A lot of people have been talking about this new captivating docuseries about Michael Jordan's iconic career with the Chicago Bulls.


40. Next in Fashion 

Fashion experts Alexa Chung and Tan France host a new fashion competition show where very talented designers get their skills, creativity and time management tested. Each episode ends with a runway full of incredible designs, but who will keep going and be in next in fashion?


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