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| by Dalia Hosny

Tiffany & Co. Cracker

Christmas is incomplete without opening up one cracker or even two. Tiffany & Co. just combined Christmas's festive spirit and the luxury they're known for with a magnificent piece. This is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts any one can ever offer to their beloved ones. Why? Because there's only one of it in the whole world! This diamond stuffed Tiffany & Co. cracker contains a diamond necklace, a tasseled pearl necklace, a pink tourmaline ring, a yellow diamond ring, an 8.75 carat aquamarine ring, a pair of earrings. If your man is still wondering what to buy you for Christmas, we highly recommend that you send this 'Item of the day' link to your man as a hint hint! Maybe you could be the lucky lady who gets this one-off creation.

Available at Tiffany & Co. in Old Bond Street, London, UK.

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