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| by Nada Allam

Topshop's Faux Fur Mittens for Freezing Weather

It looks like it’s freezing globally, and we’re all wearing every fluffy layer we own. However, it is just not enough sometimes, which is why faux fur mittens are a great investment. Just looking at them gives you a warm feeling, and you can even warm up your cheeks every now and then by rubbing the soft fur against them. As from a fashion perspective, faux fur is truly the best winter statement accessory you can add to your look. Too much fur is not the way to go, you don’t want to look like a polar bear. With faux fur pieces less is more, so always go for one item, for example, a fur vest with an all black outfit, or in this case, faux fur mittens with a casual jeans and coat look. Have I convinced you to go out and look for the Topshop faux fur mittens to keep your hands oh-so-warm in this freezing winter?

Available at Topshop.

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