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| by Nancy Hennes

Amato by Furne One Brings Zodiac Signs to Life for Splash 2015 Calendar

Splash, one of the Middle East's largest fashion retailers, featured a one-of-a-kind calendar for the new year, 2015, that revolves around the 12 zodiac signs in collaboration with Fashion Designer, Amato by Furne One. The ever talented photographer, Tijal Patni, worked his magic to take some creative shots, illustrating the main characters of each zodiac sign. Each photo of the Splash 2015 calendar will give you mixed feelings and instantly make you explore the mysterious world of astrology. Splash made sure to stick to their own "In Love with Fashion" strategy throughout the entire campaign with Amato by Furne One.

Surely, the great effort and creativity behind the Splash 2015 Calendar shows in each and every picture. Without the collaboration between Amato by Furne One, photographer Tijal Patni and hair/makeup artist Jojo Dantespadua, this artsy Splash 2015 calendar wouldn't have come to life. Check below all the artistic photos from the Splash 2015 calendar...

Do you want to know what happened behind the scenes of the Splash 2015 calendar? Here's the video! 

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