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Bambah x Ballerinas of Cairo: Spreading Magic in the Heart of Cairo!

Before we uncover this amazing collaboration between Bambah and "Ballerinas of Cairo," let us give you a quick brief about Bambah! Over six years ago, Maha Abdul Rasheed opened a vintage boutique called Bambah to sell luxurious garments. But it wasn’t long before she launched her own luxurious ready-to-wear line, which is all about bows, feminine designs and joyful colors.

As an Egyptian fashion designer, Maha has often been influenced by the vibrant streets of Cairo, and that's why such a collaboration with "Ballerinas of Cairo" is nothing but brilliant. Being so impressed with the work of "Ballerinas of Cairo," and how they're bringing out the beauty of the country, Maha immediately imagined how gorgeous it would be to showcase Bambah’s new gowns and iconic pieces, which move so well, on such a lovely backdrop.

We'll leave you with this beautiful video, that will show you how romantic Cairo streets can be when talented and creative entities join forces. Also, make sure to scroll down to see some magical snapshots!

Ballerinas of Cairo x Bambah: A Dance & Fashion Film

Photography: Mohamed Taher

Film: Ahmed Fathy Abdelsalam

Starring: Ballerinas of Cairo

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