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| by Nada Allam

Charlotte Olympia's World Cup Inspired Capsule Collection

Here is a fun tip, as long as the World Cup is running, you need to dress up at least once in the colors of the team you are supporting and act like a crazy soccer fan, screaming at the TV when your team gets a goal. And with Charlotte Olympia's World Cup inspired capsule collection, you can do just that.

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The collection consists of Hat Trick Pandora clutches with satin pouches that are printed with flags. Even though Italy is out of the World Cup, show your loyalty to them by carrying the Charlotte Olympia clutch with the Italian flag. Or even on the next match with Argentina, rock that baby blue and white flag satin pouch in a Charlotte Olympia pandora clutch. After all, a lady doesn't have to wear an oversized jersey to support her team. She can cheer in utmost style thanks to Charlotte Olympia's designs for the World Cup.

The collection will launch on July 4th, so stay tuned to get your hands on a clutch for your favorite team.

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