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| by Amira Azzouz

Exclusive Preview - Icons of Love and Strength by Azza Fahmy

You'll rarely see any fashion related activities (which are interesting to us) happening in Cairo, which is a shame, but we're planning on changing that soon. More about that later! Anyway, so last Saturday we were invited to an exclusive preview of Azza Fahmy's Valentine's Day and Mother's Day collection (yes we saw it before anyone else does!). I'm not a punctual person unfortunately, and that's why we made it a bit late to the gathering. Who is we? Zeina, Farah Al Asmar (a dear friend and the creative mind behind Farah Asmar who came to Cairo for a visit) and of course myself. During the Azza Fahmy gathering there were several announcements which included exclusive previews of the 'Icons of Love & Strength' collection for Valentine's Day, which was my personal favorite and was inspired by surrealism. Details are what make a piece of jewellery special, don't you agree? The 'Tales of Joy' Cufflinks for men are a great gift for your man this Valentine's Day, I know it's on top of my list with Azza Fahmy's signature calligraphy.

I loved the Coiled Eye of Love Necklace (which you can see below) which includes the iconic eye motif, not in a boring way no, but rather with a twist. Silver lashes, a tear-drop charm and a semi-precious stone. Bravo!

Okay wait, before I go onto more details about the announcements made, I have to tell you about a gorgeous ring, I'll be buying myself soon. It looks like a hand hugging your finger and has the cutest details such as red nailpolish and a ring on it. For all of Azza Fahmy's fans out there, regardless of where you live on the planet, you can now get your hands on her designs through their online store. Cool, isn't it? The 'Icons of Love & Strength' collection will also be available starting next Monday for purchase. Last but not least, there's the launch of the Azza Fahmy design studio.

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Now it was time for an intimate dinner where almost everyone joined. Italian food is among my favorite cuisines, and there's nothing better than topping it off with some gossip. We spoke about our favorite designers and the not so favorite ones, reality shows and lots of exciting things. Best bit? We got to meet very interesting people in person, so if you ask me networking is my favorite part about this job!

Below are some images to give you a taste of how the night was like.


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