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| by Sara Khalil

50 Colorful Outfit Ideas to Make You Happy

The reason why I thought of 50 colorful outfits to make you happy, is because clothes have a very strong effect on your general mood, and we're all about sharing happiness lately.  According to psychologists, going out with neat, clean and beautiful clothes gives you a happy and relaxed feeling. It also boosts your confidence when people compliment you for a nice outfit.

Studies show that every color has a different effect on how you feel: 

- White gives you piece and serenity. 

- The red color can end your laziness and sleepy feelings. 

-  Blue strengthens the memory and increases your thinking ability and creativity, this why it is recommended to wear it at work.  

- Yellow boosts your happy feeling

- The color green is full of positive energy, wear it on the days that you’re feeling down or depressed, it will help you feel better.

However your feeling, turn your day into a positive one, just by wearing certain colors that would make you feel better.  Scroll down and take a look at the 50 colorful outfit ideas to make you happy

Happiness is contagious and this month we’re all for sprinkling it everywhere! You can now be part of our #ShareHappiness campaign by posting anything that makes you happy, be it someone or something, using the mentioned hashtag. Help us spread positive vibes.

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