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| by Sara Khalil

All the Fashion Tips and Tricks Petite Women Need to Know

If you're a short girl, then let me tell you that you're a man's favorite type according to a British research conducted recently! And because you're fun-sized, you need a styling guide to flatter your petite figure. So, here are nine important fashion tips and tricks petite women need to know.

1. Petite women are recommended to wear high-waisted garments.

High-waisted shorts, skirts, and pants give an impression that your legs are longer. 

2. Wear vertically striped clothes.

Vertical stripes elongate and slim a girl's figure, so it's a flattering choice. 

3. Petite girls and large bags are not a good mix.

Large bags hide most of your body, so they will make you look smaller and shorter.

4. Don't wear wide belts.

Just like large bags, wide belts will also make you look shorter. 

5. Straight-legged pants are the perfect fit for petite girls.

Flared pants will make you look shorter, so pick either straight-legged pants or skinny pants, they'll flatter your body.

6. Petite girls are recommended to wear clothes that fit their size perfectly.

Over-sized garments and clothes that look big on you will make you look shorter and smaller. 

7. Pointy shoes are a plus!

Pointy shoes will elongate your legs. Also, long necklaces will give you a longer looking neck, and upper body. 

8. High heels are your best friend.

You have a green card to wear high heels as much as you want, and you can substitute painful heels, with comfy wedges. Just avoid platforms and bulky looks shoes, as they'll make you look short.

9. Wear the right neckline for your petite figure.

The best neckline for petite girls is either the V or U neck, as they give the impression that your upper body part is long.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram: @daliansouli

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