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Fashion Header image article main beauty truly comes in all shapes and sizes

| by theDRESSroom.com

Beauty Truly Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

At theDRESSroom.com, with over 3000 dresses to choose from, we believe that there is a dress for every woman to look beautiful in. You’ll find a dress that brings out the best in you for any occasion, in any size, any fit, to match your complexion, your style and your shape.

Have you ever defined your shape? Defining your shape gives you clarity in helping you find the perfect dress to suit your body type.

Just follow the few steps below:

1. Define what shape you are: Are you an apple, a pear, a strawberry, or an hour glass?

The table below gives you the basic points you need to know to understand what shape you truly are. Defining your shape automatically helps you imagine what you would like in dresses designed for your respective shape, to amplify your assets and help smooth out any troublesome areas that you don’t wish to highlight.

2. Find your size: We often get asked “How do I know what size I am?” That’s as easy as 1-2-3, with three simple steps to follow.

Your key measurements are 1- Bust 2- Waist and 3- Hips using a measuring tape. Here’s a cool tip, if you do not have a measuring tape at home: use a belt or a piece of string to wrap around you to measure yourself, then measure the belt/string with a ruler.

See pic reference for how to measure your bust, waist and hips.

Once you have your key three measurements of bust, waist, hips, most good online sites will have a size chart per designer to help you figure out what size you are according to that designer’s cuts.

If in doubt, or if you are in between sizes, always go 1 size up as it's easier to make minor tailoring adjustments, than to try and squeeze into a dress that doesn’t fit comfortably. There’s no better feeling than to receive a package, slipping on a dress and find it fitting you perfectly, so take a few minutes before ordering to get it right.

3. How to pick the perfect dress: Once you determine your shape and size, here are our guidelines to find your perfect dress, that accentuates your assets.

- If you’re an apple, you’re looking for something like a wrap dress, or something fitted from the top and slightly looser from the bottom. This look will enhance your assets and cover your flaws. A basic straight cut dress such as a shift dress is an excellent option. Something with a simple cut that will not concentrate on any one particular part of your body. If you’re shopping at theDRESSroom.com, take a look at Nue By Shani, with built in Body Architecture designed to make you look ONE SIZE SMALLER!

Avoid: Body contouring/Bandage dresses are extremely fitted and bring too much attention, accentuating your wider parts.

- If you’re an hour glass figure, if you have it, flaunt it! Feel free to slip into a sexy bandage dress and flaunt your curves away!

Avoid: Loose fitted dresses, why hide it, when you’re sexy and you know it, you should really just show it!

- For you pear shaped people, who have a smaller upper body and larger hips and waist. Having a smaller waist allows you to dress in fitted empire dresses with flare skirts, which flow to cover larger hips. Go for something with lots of fabric on it, there’s no way you can’t look fabulous in one of those! Stick to dresses which cut at the waist, this way they emphasize your waist and make your hips less prominent, and dresses with more upper body detailing to rebalance your top half. Try a Terani flared gown!

Avoid: Peplum dresses, body con dresses, bandage dresses, mermaid/fish cut dresses. These dresses are so fitted, that they put way too much attention to the hips.

- If you’re strawberry shaped with a heavy bust and a narrow waist and hip, go for something flattering, something that’s not TOO tight from the top, but not too loose either. Loose dresses can be very unflattering in this case. Stick to blouson dresses, or in-cut sleeves dresses with a high neck/collar. Wrap dress with a V neck line are a good option too.

Avoid: Loose fitted dresses, empire cut dresses or dresses that cut above the chest.

Every woman should be able to reflect her inner beauty outside! Visit us at theDRESSroom.com and feel free to contact us for any further assistance, we would be happy to help you out! Shopping online can be hassle free and fun, we’re here to help walk you through the process.

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