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| by Jasmine Kamal

How to Style a Casual but Chic Valentine's Day Outfit

We know that Valentine's Day outfits can be a bit confusing. Should I go for red? Is it weird to wear pink? Should I dress up or go casual? Casual Valentine's Day outfit ideas can be a bit tricky because let's face it, they're easy and comfortable. However, we're not leaving it too casual for if you have a date night planned, we know you want to add a touch of something chic and sexy, whether you're staying in or going out to dinner. So, this year, we'd like to help you a little and give you a few outfit ideas to try; here's how to style a casual but chic valentine's day outfit.

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A cute sweater 

 Valentine's Day Outfit

This is the easiest outfit idea to go for this Valentine's Day. Pick a cute sweater, you can even go for pink or red if you want, wear your comfiest sexiest pair of jeans, and then add the perfect heels or boots to bring it all together. Simple, chic, and easy. 

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Women's suits are a good option for Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day Outfit

We can't deny that wearing a suit instantly gives you a fierce appearance. If you're thinking, "but I wear it to work," this makes it formal, the answer is no, it works for different occasions; you can also wear it on dates, such as a valentine's day date with your significant other. Now, for how to style a suit, for a sexier look, pair it with a lace or corset top, and for something sexy but not too revealing, pair it with a chiffon blouse.

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You can't go wrong with a skirt...

 Valentine's Day Outfit

Skirts are a go to for many girls for date night. Also for hijabis, they're super comfortable, chic, and romantic. The sky is the limit here really, we doubt there's any skirt you have that can't work for Valentine's. You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with sweaters, depending on what mood you're in.

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Sheer Tops

 Valentine's Day Outfit

Sheer and lace tops are really sexy, especially if you wear a matching bra or bralette underneath. They would be great for date night and if you're not comfortable wearing it out, it's perfect for a cozy date night at home. 

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Leather Pants or skirts

 Valentine's Day Outfit

Leather pants or Vinyl skirts are bold, fierce, and sexy. Valentine's Day can be the perfect way to add something playful to your outfit while still keeping it simple. They look great with almost anything from shirts, sweaters to blazers or even knit cardigans. 

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A dash of red

 Valentine's Day Outfit

We all know that red represents love, so if you want to wear an outfit with something red in it, go ahead and don't think about how cliche it will be (it's not). After all, red is a sexy color, and who doesn't want to look sexy on this day? You can wear red as an entire outfit or just a scarf or shoes.

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