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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Six Different Pants to Replace Your Skinny Jeans

In your day to day life, between leaving the office, running errands and passing by a friend’s birthday party, you usually take the easy way and you're always spotted wearing your trusted skinny jeans. I’m here to encourage you to get yourself out of your comfort zone, and to try one of these six different pants to replace your skinny jeans. The world is full of options, so here we go...

1. Flare jeans:

Yes, you can still wear jeans, but not skinny. Flare jeans usually flatters a woman’s body, they give curves to the non-curvy, and they balance the curves for the curvy. Flare jeans comes in many shades of denim, and I simply love them. They look casual chic.

2. Flare pants:

Only if you’re willing to give up on denim one day and upgrade to other fabrics, black flare pants, printed flare pants and colored flare pants are perfect for a chic and sleek look. Although printed pants are not really recommended for women with a curvy body, as they can enlarge the thighs and make your butt look bigger.

3. Cropped pants:

Cropped pants are so in, and they are definitely here to stay, and what's great about them is that they look simple and well fitted. Wear them with sneakers or heels, they’ll both look good on them.

4. Denim sweatpants:

So here’s a fun way to feel comfortable and still look like you’re not going to the gym, denim sweatpants! They are usually very comfortable, and you can wear them with anything, flats or heels.

5. Leather pants:

Be courageous and dare to wear leather pants, they seriously upgrade your look and make you look 10 times sexier. Just be very careful how you style them, you should always aim for the trendy and classy look.

6. Culottes:

Whether it’s winter or summer, culottes are so classy and comfortable. They look great with heels and sneakers, but for petite and short women, it’s better to wear them with heels, as they tend to make you look shorter.

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