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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Trend Alert: If You Want to Look Chic This Winter, Then You Must Wear a Velvet Dress

Velvet dresses were a big fashion trend back in the 90's, and I am so happy they're back. I remember how much I loved the way my older sister styled her red velvet dress with chokers. But velvet dresses have changed a lot since then, there's a very wide range of styles and looks to the velvet dress now. Some velvet dresses are so chic, they're only suitable for the evenings, while some others would only look good in the mornings.

But only a woman with true style would know how to style a velvet dress right, and for that, you need to scroll down to see how some of the chicest ladies wore the velvet dress trend!

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @maryorton

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