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| by Farida Abdel Malek

We Promise You'll Find Your Special Birthday Outfit Here...

We all know the usual, your birthday's coming up and for the next couple of days, all of your chats will be filled with "I have no idea what to wear" and pictures of outfit ideas from Pinterest. We thought we would make our upcoming birthday girls' life a little easier with these 8 looks we know you'll love. Swipe down to see even more choices and we promise you're bound to find your something special. 

1. This silver blazer is the perfect combination of the blazer-dress trend with a silver metallic sheen to show you're the birthday girl.

Birthday outfits

Instagram: @hebaserageldin

2. This hijabi outfit is the ultimate chic statement that will have everyone asking you to pose for a picture. Nothing says birthday girl like a pair of polka dots socks.

Birthday outfits


3. Add a little playfulness to your little black dress with gorgeous earrings and a mini bag to dance the night away hands-free. 

Birthday outfits


4. Bet you never thought you could wear fur and velvet together. Well, you can, and this glamorous outfit does them both justice.

Birthday outfits

Instagram: @yasminekenawi

5.  The shimmer is the epitome of "My Night". So, find a sexy short piece of shimmer and shine on your special day.

Birthday outfits


6. If you want to go for a minimal-chic look, a satin top will instantly prim up your look from every day to birthday. 

Birthday outfits

Instagram: @hajra_aaa

7. If you're not gonna wear a pink suit on your birthday, you might as well keep it piled up until next year. Take the plunge and dare to wear something out of your comfort zone this birthday. 

Birthday outfits

Instagram: @negin_mirsalehi

8. If you're a jeans girl and wearing a dress isn't your thing, jeans can be elevated into glamour with a gorgeous pair of stilettos.

Birthday outfits

Instagram: @satisfashionbysn

9. This blazer will help our simple girls out by giving a simple look an edgy, and cool vibe.

Birthday outfits

Instagram: @lanaelsahely

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @xeniaoverdose

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