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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

What to Wear for Every Dress Code

Have you ever received an invitation to an event, and just couldn't figure out what to wear? You find a dress code that says, "Black Tie," however, you remain confused. Does this mean you should wear a long and dramatic gown or you should go for a simple little black dress to stay on the safe side? Well, we got this one solved with our ultimate guide to understand dress codes. We'll tell you what to wear for every dress code.

1. Black Tie Dress Code Meaning

A "Black Tie" dress code for an event, means that it's a very formal one. This event requires men to wear tuxedos and bow ties, and women to wear long, sophisticated dresses. Even if you’re invited to a wedding, and they ask you for a "Black Tie" look, you should stick to the dress code so you don’t feel under-dressed and look out of place.

2. Black Tie Optional Dress Code Meaning

"Black Tie Optional" dress code also means that it's a formal event, but you can wear long or short evening dresses. Still, you need to look classy and sophisticated. No tight short dresses, they’re more of party dresses!

3. Cocktail Dress Code Meaning

An event which requires a "Cocktail" dress code, is one that's usually held in an open-air area or in the morning. You need to wear something simple and more comfortable than evening dresses. Go for mini or midi dresses, and don't wear much sequins and embellishments.

4. Festive Dress Code Meaning

Since the festive season is coming in a couple of months, the "Festive" dress code will be the most common. Sequins are always a great idea for a Christmas or New Year's Eve party!

5. Business Formal Dress Code Meaning

The "Business Formal" dress code is for formal business meetings and interviews. It’s very important to know that if you work in a very professional workplace like a bank, you need to stick to the business formal dress code; a suit or a skirt suit.

6. Business Casual Dress Code Meaning

This dress code is also for meetings and daily office looks. However, you are allowed to get creative with what you wear!

7. Casual Dressy/Smart Casual Dress Code Meaning

The "Casual Dressy" dress code is every girl’s favorite. With this, you can wear your favorite jeans and blouse, put some heels on and there you go, you look casual dressy.

8. Casual Dress Code Meaning

The "Casual" dress code is the most comfortable one ever! You can go as casual as you want, and you can even wear your favorite sneakers to complement your look.

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