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Your Guide to Pick Workout Clothes with SheMovesOnline.com

Let us ask you two simple questions. Firstly, what is your favorite sport? Secondly, what is in your gym bag? Believe it or not, the answers to both questions depend on one another. You see, your workout outfit should depend greatly on your workout. For example, if you are runner, you will not wear the same outfit as the one you'd pick for a Zumba class. We got the chance to chit chat with Devayani Dayal, CEO of SheMovesOnline.com to find out what is the best workout gear for your gym routine.

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Let's start with Zumba, a sport that requires you to move around a lot; basically dancing to tone your body. Devayani Dayal says Zumba is all about feeling feminine, sensual and strong all at once. The perfect clothing for this dance-inspired workout has bright colors, stylish design and very supportive inner wear. She recommends you go for a high impact sports bra, funky leggings and a tank top when heading to a Zumba class. 

Secondly, the runners out there. Did you know that most women wear the wrong workout gear when heading out for a run? Devayani Dayal says, running is about endurance, so for this sport, runners appreciate apparel that is durable, anti-crease and highly sweat absorbing. She also recommends going for a high impact sports bra. As for the tank top and pants, she suggests a soft breathable fabric with signature dry-wik finish for moisture wicking capabilities.

Thirdly the yoga practicers. Yes, it may seem easy enough to head into a store and just pick out a pair of yoga pants, but there is so much more to yoga than pants. Devayani Dayal says yoga is a way of life. Yogis usually want fabrics that are soft to touch. Given that yoga involves so much bending and lying on the floor, the clothing should be stretching with minimal seams. She recommends a seamless mesh sports bra, a loose tee, and capris with stretch reflex for easy movement and support. 

Here are a few items that can be found on SheMovesOnline.com, recommended by Devayani Dayal. So, next time you are preparing your gym bag, you might want to take a good look at your workout gear. Are you using the correct products?

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