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| by Heba Abohemed

15 Maternity Outfit Ideas by Deema Al Asadi for an Outstanding Pregnancy Style

Pregnancy is a beautiful time indeed, but challenging for many women. Because besides the special moments, and excitement to see your baby, you get to experience a lot of changes in your body that might be a little bit hard to deal with. That's why, I collected maternity outfit ideas by Arab fashion blogger Deema Al Asadi to help you overcome these challenges, and dress in a cool and chic way, while feeling comfortable. 

What I really like about Deema’s style is that it’s very diverse, and it has many options for different types of women. She wears jeans, and a lot of comfortable dresses and kaftans. Also, the way she accessorizes her maternity outfits is perfect, just look at how many times she styled the same sneakers differently, and flat sandals too. As for high heels, I think pregnant women can wear them if they're not going to take long walks, or  if they won't be doing any kind of effort.

Now scroll down to see Deema Al Asadi’s maternity outfits to get inspired by her totally comfortable and chic pregnancy style!

Photo credits: Instagram @deemaalasadi

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