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| by Salma Ihab

In the Winter, Coats Are a Pregnant Woman’s Best Friend

Pregnancy is never easy; for 9 months, you are constantly uncomfortable in things that were once extremely comfortable to you. You're always looking for stylish ways to be comfortable, and being pregnant during the winter can be difficult; you might be feeling a little cold and want to layer, but it's difficult because of your adorable baby bump, but coats come in handy. You can wear them for a morning or night look, and they will keep you warm without being so bulky that you can't move. If you're wondering how to style your coat, here are some outfit ideas because in the winter, coats are a pregnant woman’s best friend.

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A Long Knitted Dress Paired With a Coat 

Maternity coat outfit ideas

Image Credits: Pinterest 

Nothing says warmth like a knitted dress, and because of its material, it will stretch to fit your baby bump, and of course, to complete the look, wear your lovely coat. This look is ideal for a morning brunch with friends.

Go For a Monochrome Look and Color Block With a Coat

Maternity coat outfit ideas

Image Credits: The Londoner 

If you're having a lazy day and can't think of anything to wear, go for a monochromatic look, such as a simple all-black outfit and color blocking with your coat, for a comfy chic look that you can run errands in and maybe go out for a coffee on a sunny day?

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For a Comfortable Look, Pair an Oversized Graphic Tee With Leggings

Maternity coat outfit ideas

Image Credits: Pinterest 

If you have a quilted coat, you have a walking blanket; these coats provide so much warmth that you can rock the graphic tee and legging look. Leggings are a pregnant girl's best friend, so if you need an excuse to stay in one for the next 9 months, this comfy look is it.

Have You Ever Considered Wearing a Leather Coat?

Maternity coat outfit ideas

Image Credits: Pinterest 

Do you have a date with your husband? and want something edgy yet comfortable? Wear your simple dress with an edgy leather coat. It's edgy, but it'll keep you warm all night.

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Let’s Get Some Styling Ideas From Ruta, Whose Style Is Always on Point and Which We Can’t Get Enough Of:

Keep Your Outfit in Neutral Colors

For a nice simple and comfortable look, stick to neutral colors like white, beige, and black. Aside from the coat, the leggings are the most important item because we all know how comfortable they are. It's a nice sporty look that you can wear in the morning.

Do You Have a Denim Jacket On? You Can Wear a Coat on Top of It

If you enjoy wearing denim jackets but are unsure whether you can layer a coat on top of them, the answer is yes. It's a very chic look that you're layering very well without looking bulky.

A Coat Over a Hoodie

We all love wearing hoodies, pregnant or not, but today we're talking about pregnant ladies styling their comfy hoodies with a coat for a nice look that is super comfy and will keep them warm on cold winter days. Look no further if you're concerned that this will be too bulky. It isn't, in fact.

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A Matching Set Paired With a Coat

Matching sets are a divine creation; they make life easier because you don't have to consider what top will go with these bottoms; the decision has already been made for you. Did I mention they're comfy? and will keep you warm all winter, but pair it with a nice coat to add a touch of chicness to your look.

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