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| by Dalia Hosny

Bambah Unveils The Bow Debut Collection 2014

Bows don't only come in hairbands or bow-ties anymore, says Bambah's latest debut collection; 'The Bow'. Bambah's latest ready-to-wear 2014 collection, 'The Bow', is most certainly a new approach to femininity. From supersized bows to full skirts, I must say I'm head-over-heels in love with this vintage-inspired collection. The fabrics, colors and designs altogether are just like delicate poetry. The thing I love the most about 'The Bow' collection by Bambah is the sense of risk-taking in terms of the tailoring that Maha Abdul Rasheed, designer behind Bambah's debut collection, took to pull each garment together. Think dramatic, doll-like kind of girl, this debut collection has a Parisian vibe with its very own twist to it. 

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Bows accentuated Bambah's collection as they were present on most dresses as a back and front detailing, as well as on the strapless bodices for an ultra-feminine finish. The over-the-top full garments, polka dots and floral detailing along with high-waisted skirts made it a sultry collection which is definitely tailored for a woman who loves to add that little pinch of drama to her look yet keep the fun factor going on.

Truth be told, it's so hard to pick only one favorite item from this collection, as I'm quite sure it will linger for some time. I bet this collection will forever be unique.

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