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| by Zeina Tawfik

Hussein Bazaza Haute Couture Fall 2017: A World of Mystical Wonders

When Hussein Bazaza first debuted his eponymous label, I knew that he was a Lebanese fashion designer to watch out for! As he started showcasing one collection after the other, Hussein Bazaza totally cemented his presence in the Arab fashion world. What now? This extremely talented fashion designer has just launched his Haute Couture Fall 2017, and it's nothing less than wonderful. Ready to know what Hussein Bazaza's Haute Couture Fall 2017 collection is all about?

For the Haute Couture Fall 2017, Hussein Bazaza was inspired by a legend from the medieval times; the story of Sophia, the alchemist who became a goddess. It is said that Sophia had discovered the elixir of life and found eternity, and Hussein Bazaza's Haute Couture Fall 2017 collection represents this journey. Mesmerizing!

By scrolling through Hussein Bazaza's new couture collection, you'll see his meticulous attention to details, from embroideries to embellishments that reflect key motifs in the storytelling process. The end result is a selection of fine designs that will take you into a world of mystical wonders. Go ahead, and take a look for yourself.

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