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| by Zeina Tawfik

Be and D Just Married Sneakers

Brides-to-be, I'm almost positive that a lot of you are dreading that moment when you'll be on the dance floor thinking about how your feet hurt and that you can't wait to take your heels off! Don't let that moment ruin the most important night of your life.

Solution: The Be and D 'Just Married' sneakers.

It's a pair of sneakers that's specially made for brides, white, sparkly, says 'Just Married' on its back and most importantly dance floor friendly! Have a pair of the Be and D 'Just Married' sneakers ready in your bridal emergency kit, and when that moment comes when you want to dance the night away, just take off your heels and put on those pretty bridal sneakers.

Available at Be and D.

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