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| by Arabia Weddings

Four Faux Pas When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Buying your wedding dress should be a fun and one-of-a-kind experience. If it doesn’t feel that way, then you are doing it wrong!

There are many mistakes brides tend to make while shopping for their wedding dress, which will make them more stressed and frustrated.

These are the best tips to make the process of buying a dress more fun and much easier and more relaxing:

#1 Keep an open mind: If you’ve never tried on a wedding dress, then you probably don’t know which silhouette will best flatter your body. Try on every kind of wedding dress available from sleek dresses to huge ball gowns! You never know what will look best on you.

#2 Don’t bring an entourage: Too many women in one shop with different opinions will make you go crazy! Instead, take only 2 people whose opinions matter most to you, such as your mom and sister or your best friend.

#3 Wear the proper undergarments: Wearing a well fitted bra and underwear will help the dress fit and look better.

#4 Take your time: Don’t rush from one bridal shop to the other, visit a few bridal shops and take your time browsing and trying on the dress.

Remember, make the dress shopping process fun and joyful! It’s definitely a lovely experience to cherish.






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