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January 15, 2014 | by Zeina Tawfik

Wedding Dresses With Back Detail for 2014

Most brides-to-be usually look for a showstopping wedding dress, one that would make people gasp as soon as they make their grand entrance on their big day. A wedding dress with a back detail is bound to make that moment happen, with a plunging back-line or an over-sized bow, adding a dramatic flair to your look.

Back details on a wedding dress will give you the chance to look flattering from every possible angle, and there are many options to suit every bride's taste and style. You can go with a plunging back-line or a lace cut-out back, but if you aren't willing to bare much skin, you can go for a wedding dress with an embellished sheer tulle back, which will give you a more covered up look. Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with back detail to help you with your bridal gown shopping.

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