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| by Zeina Tawfik

Zeynab El-Helw Had a Dashing Wedding Weekend, and You Must See Her Bridal Style!

If you're addicted to social media, then you must've noticed that all the cool people have flocked to Barcelona, Spain, to attend Zeynab El-Helw's destination wedding! And oh my goodness, her bridal style was just so perfect. Well, it was kind of expected; Zeynab El-Helw runs her own blog and has her own online boutique, @Fashion_Pirate.

So what did Zeynab El-Helw wear during her wedding weekend? For the pre-wedding party, she wore a delicate Spanish-inspired Yasmine Yeya dress. The following day, the wedding party took place, and she chose a very chic Zuhair Murad wedding dress. The next day, she ended up her wedding celebrations with a white brunch party, and she was wearing a white kaftan dress.

Do you need more details about her bridal style? Then, you must know that makeup artist, Vianne Najeeb, and hair stylist, Richard El-Boustany, accompanied the stylish bride, to be responsible for her beautiful looks throughout the wedding weekend.

Main Photos Credits: Instagram: @ByPaulNasr

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