How to Turn a Scarf Into a Turban by Farah Emara

September 02, 2014 | by The Fustany Team

We must be thankful for the comeback of the turban, as it's such a functional and chic trend. Fashion Blogger, Farah Emara, agrees with us, and she decided to show Fustany readers how she styles her headscarf in a surprisingly easy wrapping technique.

Forget about the ready-made turban, now you can wrap any headscarf or shawl as a fashion turban in less than five minutes. This trend can works as a stylish hair accessory, saving you on a bad hair day, and it can also work as a super-stylish hijab (headscarf). Since head wraps are the big thing now, here's how to turn a scarf into a turban by Farah Emara...

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