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| by Omneya Hossam

Why You Should Make Your Own Bullet Journal and How to Do It?

Ever felt upset about how time flies by every year and you completely forget or lose track of all the things you wanted to do? And wished there was something there to remind you and help you stay focused on your goals, well a bullet journal is what you have been looking for, and we are here to help make your very own special one.

There are a lot of options that you could buy from the bookstores, however, those ready ones are made so generic to fit the common needs of a lot of people. You need someone who knows you well enough to create it, and who is better than you to do this job?! Go ahead and start making your own DIY bullet journal that will be tailored to fit your unique lifestyle. And to start right away, here are the things you need to know in order to make the best bullet journal for yourself.


Image Credits: Instagram @inksandcoffee

There are two ways you can do this. The first is to make your DIY bullet journal from scratch, which is so fun and you will be sparking your inner creativity and challenging yourself with this. You will design everything with your own hands which only requires a plain notebook and some coloring pens.

But if you are too busy, the second way is very easy and doesn't take much time. You will simply print out templates from websites that offer ready made ones.

But first things first; what should your bullet journal contain?

Bullet journals are here to help you be more organized and committed to many things and aspects of your life.

It should have:

. To- do list sheets


Image Credits:  Pinterest.com

. Evaluation sheets


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. Monthly planned sheets


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. Inspirational and entertaining sheets


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As for sections, you can section it according to the major stuff you want to get organized, for example:

Section it into 12 months and in each month put fixed topic sheets.

You have to know what you need to focus on, for instance:

. Books to read

. Places to go

. Movies to watch

You can add personal pages for relationships, the things you need to work on with your partner, people to cut out of your life, and so on.

Adding pages that track your workout and healthy lifestyle could be a great addition as well.

At the end of every month, you can add a tracker sheet to see if you have achieved your targets and what you need to do better next month.

Remember this is YOUR journal, so get as personal and creative as you wish. Have as much fun as you can while doing it, and don't skip on adding coloring pages and inspiring quotes along with empty spaces for you to write down your random thoughts and some mind maps as well.

And for more elaboration check out this tutorial: 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @inksandcoffee

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