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| by Zeina Tawfik

DIY Bookends for Your Shelves

I've always seen images of very creative DIY bookends on Pinterest, and loved the idea of re-purposing items to create unique home accessories. One of the coolest DIY projects that I came across was one that used toy animal figures to create the bookends! I hereby, will share with you the steps to DIY bookends for your shelves, using animal figures.

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What you will need:

- Animal figures

- Wooden blocks

- Spray paint

- Super glue


1. Start by choosing which animal figures you'll want to create the bookends, you'll need two.

2. Set up your working space by laying on some old newspaper sheets on a table to avoid any mess.

3. Clean the wooden blocks and animal figures with a dry cloth, and make sure that the base of the animal figure fits on the wooden block space.

4. Spray paint the animal figures and wooden blocks fully with the color of your choice, and leave to dry.

5. Lay the wooden blocks on the table, and using the super glue, fix the animal figures on top of each of them. The best way, is to dab the super glue on the animal's feet.

6. Hold the animal figure in place with your fingers for a couple of moments to make sure it stays in place, then leave to dry for a couple of hours.

7. Your animal figure bookends are now ready to decorate your shelves and hold your favorite books!

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