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| by Nada Allam

DIY Glittery Converse Shoes

I don't know why, but lately I have been really loving glittery items, especially the shoes. It's probably Zeina Tawfik's effect on me, our Senior Editor, but the end result is, I am absolutely in love with them. I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of glittery shoes. Something flashy and sparkly, but also looks good, and not over the top. I figured the perfect type of glittery shoes for me would have to be sneakers, and with only one color of glitter. What better way, than to glitter up a pair of Converse.

What you will need: I warn you, this is going to be a bit messy 

- A pair of Converse shoes

- Glitter, a lot of it. 

- Fabric glue 

- Paint brush

- Newspapers

- Wet piece of cloth


1. Start by removing the shoe laces from the Converse shoes, and applying a big piece of tape to cover the Converse logo. You don't want to get glitter on those parts. 

2. Dip the paint brush in the glue and start painting over your converse. 

3. Next, place the Converse on some newspapers, because you are going to be pouring a LOT of glitter on it. That way, the glitter will fall on the newspapers and you can use it again, by emptying it back in the tube. 

4. Start sprinkling the glitter all over the wet glue on your Converse. 

5. Once you feel like your shoe is immersed in glitter, bang it against a flat surface, so the excess glitter can fall off. Be sure you have a sheet of newspaper or garbage when you are doing this step. 

6. Using a wet piece of cloth, wipe the rubber edges of the shoe, making sure no glitter is on it. 

7. Leave your shoe to dry, preferably outside for at least an hour.

8. You can choose to paint your shoe laces, or replace them with ribbons. 

Tip #1: I recommend you do steps three and four in parts. For example apply the glue to one side of the converse, then immediately apply the glitter, so the glue does not dry up. 

Tip #2: You can add some studs or jeweled embellishments to the rubber edge or tip, to complete the statement look. 

Tip #3: Pick a color of glitter that works well with the Converse, for example gold glitter on a white Converse. 

Voila, you have yourself your very own glittery statement shoes. Here are a few ideas, get inspired...

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