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| by Zeina Tawfik

Mother's Day: How to Make Floral Letters

Mothers love flowers, and a bunch of flowers is always (like always!) a gift she's guaranteed to love. For Mother's Day 2017, how about you switch things a bit and go more creative? I came across a tutorial to make floral letters on Pinterest, and I thought that this would be a perfect Mother's Day gift. Nothing could be prettier than flowers spelling the word "mum," right? Here is everything you need to know to DIY floral letters for Mother's Day.

What you'll need to DIY floral letters:

- A selection of silk flowers

- Thick cardboard paper

- Glue gun

- Scissors

Steps to DIY floral letters:

1. Start by cutting out the letters you need, using the scissors. You can go with "mum" or you can also cut out your mother's name or nickname.

2. Remove all the plastic stems from the flowers. Make sure to have a selection of colors and sizes for the ultimate look.

3. Now it's time to glue the flowers on the cardboard paper letters.

4. When you're done, carefully place the letters on a table on Mother's Day, so your mother can wake up and enjoy her beautiful floral surprise!

Scroll down, and see some ideas of DIY floral letters.

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