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| by Salma Ihab

Nail Polish Colors Based on Your Horoscope

We girls like to have colorful manis, and we usually like to see what's trending in the nail polish world so we can stay up to date, so if you have a nail appointment soon and don't know what color you can put, I'll help you, or if you enjoy doing your own nails and don't know what color to go for, yes I'm here to help because today I'll tell you which color will suit your personality or in another words based on your horoscope, yes you read that right, let's take a look at nail polish colors based on your horoscope.

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1. Aries 


Image Credits: Instagram @betina_goldstein

Aries is known for being the most self-assured of friends. They are known for their energetic personalities, and they are the ones who will go out with you at 4 a.m. to get ice cream because they are very adventurous; can we say an Aries is a rule breaker? There is no rule that says you have to use only one color of nail polish because you can use five different colors and they will all look great on you. However, if you hate this trend, simply choose a red color because red will compliment your fiery personality.

2. Taurus 


Image Credits: Instagram @houseofladymuck

A Taurus friend is someone you always go to because you know they will give you great advice. They are very rational, and they have a lot of love to give you. They do not like to take risks, so going for classic nail polish, such as French nail polish, will be ideal for them, but we can add a twist to it, such as colored French nail polish, or you can go for neutral colors.

3. Gemini 


Image Credits: Instagram @overglowedit

Geminis are known to be playful and fun to be around "a ray of sunshine," but they are also very indecisive, so why choose one color when you can choose as many as you want? Another thing about Geminis is that they get bored easily, so going for different colors is best for them because they will most likely get bored of one color. To match your upbeat personality, go for a playful, colorful design.

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4. Cancer 


Image Credits: Instagram @dorta.nailart

Cancers have warm personalities; they are highly emotional signs, but they are fiercely loyal. Nothing goes better with the girl next door personality than soft colors like pinks or blues, or you can go for very simple designs like flowers to show off your sensual side, and your manis will undoubtedly reveal a lot about your personality.

5. Leo


Image Credits: Instagram @paintboxnails

Leos, they are the boss for sure, as they are known for their strong personalities! They are a very faithful sign, and their level of confidence is so high that it will irritate you, but we love Leos because they are very warm. And nothing will show their fierce personality like a "shine bright like a diamond" nail polish. I'm talking about a mirror-like nail polish, and you can go for any color you want as long as it's shiny.

6. Virgo 


Image Credits: Instagram @betina_goldstein

Virgos are a well-organized sign, and if you are in need, you will call them at any time because they are very helpful. If you go shopping with a Virgo, they will tell you straight up if the pants are bad for your body because they are a very honest sign. Nothing suits a detail-oriented sign like a clean French mani, but the double one is a very chic design for an added touch. 

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7. Libra 


Image Credits: Instagram @betina_goldstein

Libra is the natural pacemaker sign. They're well-known for their lovable personality, and they are constantly striving to strike a balance between work and friends, life in general. Nothing reflects this harmonious personality more than a half-and-half mani design. A half-and-half design will undoubtedly appeal to a libra personality seeking balance in life.

8. Scorpio 


Image Credits: Instagram @dorta.nailart

Scorpios are commonly misidentified as a fire sign due to their powerful personality and the fact that once they set a goal in their mind, they will achieve it because they are very determined.  But the truth is that they are a water sign that is very mysterious; you never know what they are thinking about. Another thing about them is that they are very emotional, shocking I know! The best mani for them is something powerful, such as a cheetah print design mani, because nothing says strong like a cheetah.

9. Sagittarius 


Image Credits: Instagram @betina_goldstein

Sagittarius is a sign of adventure, and they are always looking for new things to discover. They are a free-spirited sign that despises attachment. Once they set their mind to something, they will do it because they are very strong-willed, and when it comes to nail polish color, you want something that matches their personality. Going with a design or color inspired by the sea is ideal for them because they are as bold and lively as the waves.

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10. Capricorn


Image Credits: Instagram @paintboxnails

Capricorns are known for their witty sense of humor, but they are so stubborn that they will drive you insane, however we love how practical they are, so it's okay. Because of that, they will go for something functional and classic, such as a one-colored nail polish or basic colors; you will not find them putting any crazy colors or designs. You can go for cutout design nail polish for a bit of a twist, and for the color, you can go for something classic because we all know how loyal you are. 

11. Aquarius


Image Credits: Instagram @overglowedit

Aquarius is known as an independent sign; they are an air sign that has their own way of doing things; they do not follow others and prefer to stand out. Aquarius is a very intelligent sign, which explains why they are always dreamy. Soft swirly lines will be an ideal design for them, displaying their free-spirited creative side.

12. Pisces


Image Credits: Instagram @overglowedit

Pisces is a gentle sign that is drawn to stones and energies due to their spiritual nature. They want a nail polish color and design that will show their creative side, such as fun, different patterns and colors to show their artistic personality. Because they are a very optimistic sign choose a bright color, such as various shades of pink and green.

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