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Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of February 2016

Aries: When there's a will, there's a way. Forget the obstacles, and look for the way to achieve what you want.

Taurus: Bad days happen, and it's totally okay. Shake off your bad mood and lift yourself up.

Gemini: Stop making excuses and start making changes. That's the only way to heal the wounds.

Cancer: Be lead by your dreams and live your life the way you envision it. It's never too late!

Leo: You can't change yesterday, and that's a fact. Develop strength, and that's all you need for a better tomorrow.

Virgo: Make sure to taste your words before you spit them out. It's very hard to take them back!

Libra: Always look forward with hope and never look back with regret.

Scorpio: No one can solve your problems but yourself. Stop blaming others and start healing the wounds.

Sagittarius: When life is good, be grateful and celebrate. Gratitude is the best attitude!

Capricorn: When a door closes, another one opens. Always think that you're being re-directed to something better!

Aquarius: Don't ruin a good day by over-analyzing and complicating things. Just let it be.

Pisces: After every storm, there's a rainbow. Just wait and meanwhile, focus on what matters.

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