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Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of January 2016

Aries: It's okay to feel lost every now and then. Until you find your destination, make sure you don't let the struggle take over your life.

Taurus: This week, turn your can'ts into cans and while you're at it,keep calm and don't go crazy.

Gemini: Do you have the winter blues?Beat the mood swings, and create your own sunshine!

Cancer: People come into your life for a reason, and it might be a good idea to finally let your guards down, even if it's temporarily.

Leo: Though you may feel resistant to change, remember that sometimes it leads to amazing new beginnings. 

Virgo: If you're thinking whether you should walk away or try harder, think with your heart and you'll know the answer.

Libra: The best advice you can get this week, is to try something new. You only regret the opportunities you don't take!

Scorpio: Intuition doesn't lie. If you're looking for answers, then listen to what your inner voice says.

Sagittarius: Beware of mediocrity. Let go of your fears, and live the life you've always wanted.

Capricorn: Never take your loved ones for granted. This week, show them gratitude and spread positive feelings.

Aquarius: If you've been out of touch with old friends for a while, this is the time to reconnect. Nothing will warm your heart more.

Pisces: Don't assume! When you don't know, ask and don't jump into conclusions.

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