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| by The Fustany Team

10 New Year's Resolutions That Should Be on Your List, Because They're So Important!

We're ending a year and welcoming another new one, so we can’t help but sit down and reflect on what we achieved, and think about the future. As cliche as it may sound, but new year’s resolutions are actually very important, because they give us hope and motivation to be better persons. Thus, we thought of something that will help us and you become that better person in the new year.

1. Let go of grudges, and open your heart to forgiveness.

2. You can’t fix the world unless you start with yourself first.

3. It’s time you give up your pride, and reconcile with that friend that things went wrong with, whom you miss terribly.

4. It’s about time you start working hard to get what you want!

5. Spend more time appreciating, and less time worrying.

6. Work on your self-worth and confidence.

7. Embrace your family, although they make you go crazy, no one loves you like them.

8. Make the gossip stop when it reaches you.

9. Give more so you can receive more.

10. Do good and expect nothing in return.

Year after year we get older, and we hope this year we get wiser too, so we’ll put these on our new year’s resolutions list to help us remember that our aim is to be good humans, and if we fail to achieve them all, we’ll put them back again next year!

Happy new year.

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