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| by Nada Allam

10 Things to Try in April

April is by far one of my favorite months of the year. The weather finally starts to warm up, the Easter holiday is nearing, which usually means beach destinations for the long weekend. So as promised, I am brining to you a continuation of my series with, 10 things to try in April. Spring usually leads to new beginnings, so why not take on a fresh new perspective on life. Get out of your comfort zone, do that thing that you have been thinking about at the back of your mind. #TrywithFustany this month's 10 out of the box ideas and see how much you have accomplished.

1. Take your parents out to dinner, your treat.

2. Help out in a pet shelter.

3. Go back to your old school, and tell the kids things you wished you knew at their age.

4. Embrace the 90's trend and go roller blading, maybe even in denim overalls

5. Don't complain for an entire day, take it as a challenge.

6. Do random acts of kindness.

7. Volunteer for a day at an elderly home, ask them about their adventures back in the day. 

8. Use a bicycle to your destination instead of a car. 

9. Carpool and use public transportation, and encourage your friends to do so too. 

10. Put on a free bake sale in the streets. 

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