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| by Diana Farid

Abusing the Pregnancy

Well, since my kids are already two years old, I am not going to take you through the past two years; otherwise I will lose you already. I will shed the light on the key milestones that are worth sharing. The very first milestone, which is the pregnancy experience itself. If you think I will complain and tell you about all sorts of pain I encountered, I am about to prove you wrong. Yes, the twin pregnancy was very tough and this had nothing to do with me personally; the twin baby pregnancy is more challenging by nature. But surprisingly, I enjoyed it and now after two and a half years with my kids, I believe the pregnancy is the easiest phase of maternity.

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One great advantage of being pregnant with twins was that people always thought I was about to deliver, ever since I was in the fifth month of pregnancy. Everyone feels for you and wishes to help. People would give me their turn in a queue, cars would stop so I could cross the street, and even my clients used to appreciate that I was presenting with my tummy that big. I remember one day when I went for a big presentation, the client was so sweet, that she kept thanking me that I came and made all the work while I was about to give birth, I was in the sixth month by the way, but I haven’t told her.

Despite the heaviness I felt, and my huge tummy, which was as big as if I was putting two cushions inside, I managed to stay at my work till I was eight months pregnant. I was also driving, although my steering wheel used to annoy my bump, but I loved it. My doctor used to tell me that I am the best pregnant patient he had. He was proud of me because I barely complained (it was so much fun).

Probably you are thinking I was eating like a man, but actually I could not eat much because the twins take so much space inside, that they put some pressure on your stomach making it smaller. I could only eat half as much as I normally would, yet the chocolate and the ice-cream consumption was not affected, of which I was eating tons. Accordingly, I suffered from anemia the last couple of months of pregnancy, but still, I loved the experience of being pregnant.

If you are still pregnant or trying to conceive, I want to assure you that pregnancy is a very enjoyable phase and relatively calmer than when you have the kids physically outside (one kid is no worries at all, but two definitely are). Enjoy it and be positive about any pain you encounter. Always remember that after this pain, you will have an amazing addition to your house, that will be the most pleasant thing afterwards. No pain, no gain.

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