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| by The Fustany Team

Five Reasons Why LakeYard Is Everyone’s New Favorite Spot in Egypt's North Coast

Summer in Egypt is quite exciting, and the majority of us head straight to the beautiful beaches of the North Coast, while enjoying the company of our family and friends. If you can relate, then you're probably one of these two types of people. The ones who spend the two whole summer months there, and the others who go there every single weekend! Whether you fall into that first category or the second, we have a little recommendation for you, aka a nice little entertaining trip into HaciendaBay’s very own LakeYard, and here’s why:

Reason No. 1:

It’s a spacious area with a very cool and cheerful design concept, that works perfectly with those summer vibes, and you’ll instantly feel that the moment you walk in.

Reason No. 2:

The LakeYard has tons of hip fashion boutiques which we actually love shopping at in Cairo, such as the Pop Up Shop, The Dressing Room, Amina K. and many more. What to expect there? A wide selection of beach outfits, accessories, bags, shoes and anything you need for a trendy summer day or night look. And if you’re one of the ladies who need to tame their hair, they’ve also got you covered, with one of Cairo’s finest hairdressers, Richard, who made it to the LakeYard this year.

Reason No. 3:

The LakeYard combines two of our favorite things; fashion and food. Once you’re done shopping, make sure to enjoy a delicious meal at any of their restaurant containers.

Reason No. 4:

Being in the North Coast, doesn’t mean you miss out on your workout routine. BeFit’s newest sports arena at the LakeYard will ensure you follow through with your healthy habits, add to that a hip open aired place with a lake view.

Reason No. 5:

For the ones who enjoy dancing the night away, 6IX Degrees will be the perfect way to end that sunny day filled with beach time, delicious food and shopping.

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