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| by Nada Allam

Fustany Challenge to Embrace Positivity

Easier said than done, I know! However, we do live in a world where we witness a lot of cruelty, frustration, anger, disappointment, the list can go on really. Therefore it is important from time to time to be able to embrace a little bit of positivity. Basically you do need to actually enact the 'see the glass half full' theory. 

So lovely Readers, we are bringing to you our very first Fustany Challenge. It's about time you introduce a daily dose of glitter and ice cream into your life. 

1. Start with a checklist We recently wrote of 65 things to make you happy, pick 5 things and put a deadline. Actually I am setting the deadline for you, next Tuesday. I'm making it a point to include the weekend so you have more time to make things happen.

2. Speaking of making things happen, what have you been putting off for so long? Is it your workout? Reading a book, even starting up a blog? Whatever it is, how about you start it for a change? You've had your lazy time, so let's get started. 

3. Handle Regret. If you don't start making things happen, you are increasing your chances of subjection to regret. It eats you up, sucks you into the past and you feel like it's time to give in and give up. 

When reaching that point, the course of treatment is much severe, so let's catch it early. REDUCE REGRET by getting started on all your past beginnings and ending them. Start off with something simple like finishing a book, and move up step by step till you finally write your book or start your very own foundation

4. Kissing Regret Goodbye. Kissing regret goodbye IS  easy said, but MUCH easier done. It all lays in your attitude, which once you get started with the first three steps, should be easy to flip right about now. 

I should have… Three words that need to be eliminated from your dictionary. The truth of the matter is yes, you SHOULD have done all what you wanted to do. Guess what though? Life happens and it's normal to procrastinate and make the wrong decisions. 

5. Treatment. Start by introducing a new constant in your life! My personal recommendation would be an early morning run or even listening to music early in the morning. The kind of music that will get your head bobbing, and busting a move as you put on your jeans in the morning. The trick here is to make this NEW thing, steady in your life and perfect it, because the feeling of accomplishment is the cure to your regret. 

Challenge Accepted? Until next Tuesday then...

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