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9 Tips to Help You Find the Best Nursery for Your Kids

One of the hardest things a parent has to do is make a decision that involves their children's safety and upbringing. One of the most crucial decisions is picking your kids' nursery. There are so many factors that come into play and you start to panic about them leaving the comfort of your home and environment. 

Having them enter preschool is not easy but there are some steps that you can take and questions you can ask that could make things a little easier for you. Read these tips on choosing a nursery for your kids, the things you should watch out for and keep in mind. Also tell us what you think and if you've been already been there...what worked for you? Help other moms out!

1. Check the location!

You want your kid's nursery or day care to be as close to you as possible. Practically, this will help you a lot when you're picking them up and dropping them off on your way back and to work. It will also give you a sense of peace to feel some kind of proximity to them, incase you need to hurry and get them. 

2. Reviews

Get as many reviews as you can from real people, not just online! Go as far as even contacting mothers who have sent their kids there. Take advice from moms you trust and who have a similar lifestyle and similar needs for their kids. Listen to everything they have to say. Weigh all the points said and make sure you feel safe and peace with all the things mentioned. 

3. Safety 

When you visit the nursery, make sure to have checked for safety and make sure it's a number one priority to the organization. Check the cleanliness of the bathrooms, talk to the nanny who's going to be responsible for their bathroom time. Check all the rooms and playground areas and make sure everything is well equipped and looks safe with no potential causes of any injury or harm. Ask about their first aid equipment and make sure they have cameras!

4. Food

A lot of mothers prefer to pack their children their own lunchbox to nursery, but if they're going to be serving them food there and you don't mind, you have to ask about the food they'll be serving. If you can, even check the kitchen and take a close look at sanitation. Ask about their menu and make sure it's healthy and goes with what they're used to eating and is safe on their platter. 

5. Get to know the culture...

It's very important to sit with the owner of the place and really get to know them, observe how they are with the children and with everyone, learn about their mindset so you can see if you're comfortable with the culture they've probably integrated in the place. How do they believe children should be talked to and treated? How do they teach them and what do they teach them? What are their values when it comes to children behaviors? What is their knowledge on child psychology? 

Also it's very important to get to know they person who's going to be responsible for your baby every day. Ensure they're qualified, certified and experienced. Talk to them and make sure you're 100% comfortable with them and make a test run where you get to see how they are with your child. Also, watch how the children at the nursery interact with each other, it is a good indicator of the social behaviors taught, accepted or promoted at the kindergarten. 

6. Observe your child...

Try to really observe your child when he gets back from nursery. How is his mood? Does he seem happy? Excited? Is he acting weird or any different? Do you notice any change in behavior or attitude, whether negative or positive? You'd be surprised that these are the things that can really show you something you might have not noticed. You can sometimes tell something's not right from your baby. Make sure to also talk to them and let them tell you as much as they can about their day. 

7. What do you teach my kids?

A lot of parents want their kids to start learning during preschool. So if this is something that's important to you, make sure to get familiar with their teaching program, does it go with the things you want to prioritize? Does it fit their personality? If you child needs special care and needs, not just in education, with anything from potty training to playing with other kids, is that something they already notice and provide without you having to remind them or tell them? At the end of the day it can be a very good nursery, but one that doesn't really fit your child's wants and what makes them comfortable.

8. Nap time

Make sure they get a regular scheduled nap time everyday, that also fits your routine at home, or one you can adapt to. What do they nap on? Make sure it gets washed regularly or you can provide it yourself if want to and bring to the teachers attention that it be marked so that it won't be mixed up with others. 

9. Classroom environment

Ideally it should not be either too messy or too neat, it should look like children play there and have access to tools and toys. If there are a lot of electronics or computers, make sure to ask about how they're used and why, because you want them to stay active and focused on stimulating the brain healthily. Also, learn about the games and activities they play and how they encourage growth, skills and of course creativity and imagination. 

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