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| by Salma Ihab

Make This Winter Even More Memorable With These 12 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

We know you've run out of creative Valentine's Day gifts to get him after a while, and if you're thinking about skipping this year's valentine, think again because who said men don't enjoy receiving Valentine's Day gifts and surprises? They enjoy it just as much as we do. You're back to wondering what you can get him this year. We've got your back! These are the most important, necessary, and sexy Valentine's Day gifts you can give your man. So, this year, make this winter even more memorable with these 12 valentine’s day gifts for him

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1. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

Want to keep his head warm while still listening to music? This creation is ideal for him because it is two in one, and who doesn't like that? Say goodbye to headphones this winter, thanks to this warm beanie that includes Bluetooth speakers.

2. Men's Moccasins

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

We have to admit that this year has been extremely cold, and nothing beats a pair of shearling-lined slip-ons for your man to slip into when he gets home from work to keep his feet warm all day and relaxed because of how comfortable these things are! Lazy Fridays have just gotten a whole lot better.

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3. Record Coasters

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

If he is a music junkie, this gift is ideal for him: record coasters to place on his mug of hot beverage, and in this weather, we all want to drink hot beverages that will keep us warm all day. It's also a great way to remind him to use coasters, as no one likes cup marks.

4. “A Take Care of Your Skin” Set for Men

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

We need to normalize the fact that men, like women, can take care of their skin! And, because we all have dry skin in the winter and need to moisturise constantly, instead of him stealing your products, get him his own skincare collection. If he still takes your things after you've given him this gift! It is out of love! 

5. An All-black Travel Mug

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

If you want to spoil your partner and make him his morning coffee to take with him to work, but you also want something that will stay hot all day to keep him warm, a sleek travel mug is ideal! You can get a black one or one in his favourite colour, and another cute idea is to personalize what is written on it. 

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6. A Tracksuit 

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

A soft and slouchy cotton tracksuit set is ideal for your significant other. It will quickly become the first thing he pulls from his loungewear drawer and will undoubtedly keep him warm in the cold weather; I guess you'll have to get him another one because he won't want to take it off because it's so comfortable.

7. A Classic Men’s Robe

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

I know I've said it before, but it's extremely cold this year! So get your man a nice robe to keep him warm, preferably one that is thick and soft and that he can relax in while playing video games. make sure to get one with roomy pockets because no one on this planet dislikes large pockets!

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8. A Sportswear Set

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

If your husband enjoys working out, show him your support by getting him some nice winter sportswear so he can work out in style while also staying warm in the cold!

9. Textured check scarf

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

Yes, men wear scarves, and in my humble opinion, they look so chic with one, so get your man a nice scarf to keep him warm in the winter and to upgrade his style. He can also wear a scarf with a formal outfit, so when you go on a date, he'll be wearing the scarf you got him.

10. Winter Socks 

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

If your man enjoys wearing funky socks, nothing beats a pair of winter funky socks to keep him warm in style, and the colourful socks will keep him happy all day.

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11. A Coat  

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

A lovely classic coat. Nothing says chic winter like one, and it will look great with a formal outfit, so your husband now has no excuse not to take you out! because both of you will look stunning

12. A Wool Jumper

Winter Valentine's Day gifts to get him

A wool jumper is a chic option for a Valentine's Day winter gift; it can work for a brunch look if you're going out together or if he's taking you out for dinner; in either case, it's a chic option that will keep him warm.

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