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| by Mohey Emara

10 Golden Tips to Happily Survive Your First Year of Marriage

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. No matter how much you and your fiancé know each other, things just change once you become husband and wife!

Marriage is indeed a beautiful union between two people; it's a sacred relationship that should be based on love, communication and respect. With that foundation in place, any marriage should survive the test of time.

Below are 10 golden tips to happily survive the first year of marriage that every couple could use, so start reading through...

1. Communication is key to the success of any marriage.
Clear communication and self expression make for a healthy, respectable and understanding marriage. Work on your interpersonal skills, and also try to show empathy.

2. Being on the same page with your husband.
After communication comes agreement. Make sure you are on the same page regarding the major things, such as finances, kids, intimacy, monthly budgets, careers, etc. Define your roles and responsibilities.

3. Transition!
The first duration of anything new is a transitional period, so be ready to learn, compromise and adjust to each other. Also, understand that the honeymoon phase eventually ends, and you have to face the real life together. 

4. Allow time for adjusting.
Adapt yourself to your husband and allow some time for adjusting, instead of trying to change his habits. Remember that he'd also be going through the same thing. 

5. There will be conflicts, arguments and sometimes fights! 
But everything can be resolved, so avoid pointing blame, communicate better and work things out. Learn to forgive, and to really listen to his point of view. And never go to bed angry.

6. Always work on the good things.
Dedicate the time to go over your relationship, intimacy and the things you enjoy doing together. Make sure to spend quality time together, and always bring out the best in each other.

7. Enjoy the love-making.
Having a healthy and intimate sexual life is a key factor to a healthy marriage, specially in the early stage. Enjoy the sex, don't take it for granted and explore new things together.

8. Share your feelings.
Confront your issues and voice them to your husband. Don't expect that he'd be able to read your mind, so always say what you  want out loud. Also, always show your love and appreciation, either by words or actions.

9. Respect your in-laws.
Marriage involves dealing with your husband's family, and actually becoming part of a bigger extended family. Learn to treat your in-laws with respect, even if you don't agree with them or like them, it'll surely mean a lot to your husband.

10. Divorce should never be an option.
Unless there is a major issue (i.e. abuse, infidelity, etc.), divorce should never be an option. Marriage requires intentional hard work and patience.

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