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| by Zeina Tawfik

12 Photos That Will Take You Through Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi's Love Story

Although Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi are a new celebrity couple, they are the ultimate definition of relationship goals! Since the celebrity couple met during "Dancing with the Stars" TV show, everybody has been witnessing their nourishing love. And because they recently announced their engagement, I'll let you re-live Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi's love story through 12 cute photos of them.

Wissam Briedy and Rym Saidi are often caught expressing their feelings to each other via adorable social media posts. Some people enjoy going showing affection in public, and it seems that Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi don't mind doing that. From red carpet appearances to spontaneous everyday snapshots, scroll down to see our favorite Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi moments.

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