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| by Zeina Tawfik

15 Important Things Your Partner Always Needs to Hear from You

Communication is a great deal in any relationship, and when you lack communication, emotions and feelings tend to get lost - one way or another. That's why I've gathered a list of 15 important things your partner always needs to hear from you. They'll make a huge difference in your relationship, and when you start telling your partner exactly how you feel, you'll encourage him to communicate with you in the same way. The result will be a healthy and happy relationship!

For a blissful and stable relationship, here are 15 important things your partner always needs to hear from you.

1. I love you.
Everyone needs to feel deeply loved. So besides actions, always tell your partner that you love him, and mean it. Expressing your love often is a great thing for your relationship. Also, let him know what you love about him. For example, tell him "I love it when you remember the little things," and "I love how you're so charismatic."

2. I miss you.
They say the unexpected moment is always sweeter. You're always used to telling your partner that you miss him, but when you say it unexpectedly, he'll cherish it more. If you're on the phone with him, tell him "I wish you were here." Letting your partner know that, will give him a sense of joy and affection. Also, a big squishy hug when you see him at the end of a long day will mean a lot.

3. I'm sorry.
Two little words that have a huge impact! If you did him wrong, messed up or made him angry, then you just have to apologize, and meant it. Be considerate of his feelings and respect him enough to say you're sorry. He'll appreciate it, a lot.

4. You're right.
No one's perfect and no one's always right, right? If you had a discussion and you were so uptight about his views, which turned out to be right, tell him so. This shows that you're in a healthy relationship, where you don't always have to be right. Learn to be humble.

5. How can I help you?
This simple question can help your significant other open up to you. If he's having a bad day, sometimes "everything will be okay" won't be enough. Try to know if there's any way you can help him, but if he doesn't want any caring acts, then give him a time of peaceful silence until he feels better.

6. How was your day?
Every couple should discuss what happened throughout their days. It could be pillow talk or a long meaningful phone call at the end of the day, but it's all about really listening to each other, and always feeling connected.

7. I'm here for you.
All people love to feel reassured and want to know that they're not growing apart from their partners. That's why a simple "I'm here for you" can mean so much.

8. "Please" and "Thank You"
As kids, we've learnt that "Please" and "Thank You" are magic words, and guess what, they still are! Consideration is super important in any relationship, so when you ask him for things, make sure it's the right timing!

9. We're in this together.
A good and healthy relationship is when both partners feel like one team! Every couple goes through highs and lows, and he has to know that you're in it because it's so worth it.

10. You have my full support.
Always let your partner know that your'e his no.1 fan, and be his very own cheerleader. Make him feel that you're on his side and always be supportive.

11. What do you think about...?
When you have a partner, it's important to engage them in your daily life decisions. If you have something irritating you at work or an issue with a friend, ask him what should you do. You don't have to follow his advice, however, this will show him that you genuinely value his opinion.

12. You look so good.
Just like you love it when he calls you beautiful, make him know that he's the most handsome guy out there in your eyes. Men love compliments too, you know! Tell him that you love seeing him in a dapper suit or that you can't resist him when he's wearing that good old pair of jeans and t-shirt.

13. I want you.
Do you always wait for your husband to make all the moves? Give him a blunt hint that you're attracted to him, and make him feel wanted. Take the time to flirt and show him how you still get overwhelmed by him, no matter how many years have passed.

14. Let's...
Your partner will probably get bored if he decided on all your activities as a couple! Try to plan date night every now and then, and if he asks you what you'd like to eat for dinner, just speak out your mind and avoid that annoying "whatever."

15. I'm happy.
If his simple "good morning" text puts a huge smile on your face, let him know. It's very important to acknowledge all the happy moments as a couple, even if it was as simple as enjoying a night-in at home watching your favorite movie together. Seize the moment and just tell him that he makes you happy, it will mean the world to him.

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