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21 Small Gestures for a Happier Relationship

You know what they say, it is the small gestures that go a long way in relationships. Which is why we are sharing with you 21 small gestures you can do for a happier relationship. From surprising her with flowers, to making his favorite meal, take time out of your busy day and always remember to spoil your partner.  

Start by reading up on these 21 small gestures you can do for a happier relationship:

1. Say 'Please' and 'Thank You' more often. 

2. Always appreciate and praise your spouse for their efforts no matter how small or big it is.

3. Tell them you love them everyday, especially after a fight.

4. Show affection, perhaps by giving them a kiss and hug before heading out or going to bed.

5. Surprise her with flowers for no reason.

6. Cook your man his favorite meal.

7. Tell her more often how beautiful she is.

8. Always tell and show him how much you appreciate him.

9. Give her a night out with her girlfriends and baby sit the kids.

10. Don't call often, and make sure you give him his space when he is out for a guy's night.

11. Make the bed with her, just because! 

12. Tell her the food was delicious even if you don’t like it and tell her later what was missing from it.

13. Thank him for helping you out with the house chores.

14. Surprise her with breakfast in bed.

15. Organize his wardrobe because your man deserves it. 

16. Leave him a sexy note in his pockets.

17. Plan a romantic date night for the both of you. 

18. Workout together from time to time. 

19. Take her out for ice-cream.

20. Watch his favorite movie with him, or learn to play Play Station to share his favorite activity. 

21. Ask about each other's day and really listen.

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