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| by The Fustany Team

Dear Guys, Here Are 5 Signs She Has a Huge Crush On You!

Dear guys, consider this article a gift from us, the Fustany girls, to you, because this will help you solve your biggest mystery; we will tell you the 5 most obvious signs that a girl likes you or has a huge crush you.

1. She’s talking to everyone in the room, but you!

When a girl likes a guy, her first instinct tells her to ignore him so he wouldn’t feel anything. She’s feeling shy and vulnerable, so, instead, she takes her time watching you from afar to see how you’re like. She’ll even be very talkative with others trying to grab your attention or even to impress you.  

2. She avoids eye contact.

When she finally decides to talk to you, or you take the step to do so, she’ll be looking anywhere but your face. Because the moment you look into her eyes, she won’t be able to hide her crush towards you and she’ll blush immediately.

3. If her friends are trying to make her look, and sound, unbelievably unique and interesting...

Notice how her friends talk about her, because if they’re mentioning every once in a while how great her job is, how adventurous she is or how she saved a unicorn before (haha), then they’re probably trying to make you notice her.

4. Some girls lose their appetite when their crush is in the room!

Well, this sign can be noticed after a while, because if you still don’t know her, then you wouldn’t know if she really eats that little or if the butterflies she has from having you around made her lose her appetite.

5. Girls laugh at whatever you say, just to make you feel comfortable around them, even when your jokes are horrible!  

Well, girls know that laughing at a guy’s joke will make him like her more. So, we might overdo it, in the beginning to flatter you, because girls know that you like being flattered, and that that will make you more comfortable and at ease.

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