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| by Dalia Hosny

How to Get Over a Breakup Fast and Learn to Recover

If you're looking for how to get over your ex fast, we're hoping these tips and reminders will remind you of how special you are and help you move on and give yourself some much needed self love. As bad as things may seem to you now, you will get over him.  Here's how to get over a breakup and learn how to recover and heal. 

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Note: Every breakup is different, every couple, ex, person and healing experience is different. So keep that mind when you go through these tips. Remember that there are no general rules and what might work for some could be different for your and vice versa. 

How to get over an ex boyfriend:

1. Don't hold back the tears

We know it's hard for a lot of people, but in the beginning it's important to just let yourself feel and deal. Don't resist, deny or repress your emotions in order to be strong. Your strength is there regardless, even when you're crying or you want to stay in bed all day and feel sorry for yourself. It doesn't mean you're weak, you're just processing and letting yourself feel sad about what happened, which is completely fine and essential in order to later move on. Acceptance is the first step. 

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2. Minimize contact

This may sound a little bit childish, but trust me it works! We're not telling you not to keep it civil, but at least in the beginning try to minimize the amount of communication you have with him. Try to see him less. Pamper yourself instead or have some quality time with your best friends. 

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3. Avoid social media venting

Facebook statuses, tweets and insta-stories hints about your breakup might not be the best way to heal. Although for a lot of people it's how they process, remember that sharing and having people overwhelm you with their opinions might make things more complicated and confusing for you. Plus it's important to respect each other's privacy as well.

4. New people, new activities

Engage in new activities that will make you have leisure time. This will decrease the amount of time you spend thinking and help you get out of the rut. Dancing classes, yoga classes or even language courses can be perfect options to meet new people. By that, I don't mean that you should immediately get into a new fling with someone. Dating soon is absolutely okay if that's what you want, it's nice to have fun and flirt, but also give yourself time to process even if it's for a short time. 

5. Feel good, look good

Have a haircut, go for a run, workout or get a manicure. Do things that actually make you refreshed and happy. Make yourself feel good and get a makeover. Dye your hair or schedule a spa treatment every week. Try on some new makeup ideas or update your wardrobe with some cool new pieces. Some changes in your look and routine will make you feel better.

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6. Limit yourself from talking about him

Talking about him too much, will make it even worse. It's completely okay to let it out and talk about it, but not all the time. Whenever you feel like mentioning his name or talking about something in the past, try to switch your thoughts to anything else.

7. Let go of anger and forgive

We know that right now reading this, it seems impossible, especially if it was an ugly breakup. But without trying to let go of this anger and trying to forgive, moving on will be a lot harder. How? Well it's different for everyone, but time of course helps and empathy or making your peace with the fact that everyone's on their journey and people make mistakes. It doesn't mean you should forget or be best friends with your ex and you don't even have to talk to him if you don't want to, but within yourself try to find peace towards them and less anger in order to move on. This step can be helped also by seeing a counselor or therapist. 

8. Avoid checking on him on social media

I know that it is difficult, because of curiosity and missing him, but constantly checking his social media will make it harder to move on. You can even shut off social media for a few days and relax away from it, it order to start the process.

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9. Find your passion and plan for your future

A big chapter of your life has ended, so it's time to restructure and look back into your personal life and how you want to live it now. Look for your passion, do something you love and plan for things that excite you, without any restrictions or attachments.

10. Love yourself

Finally but most importantly self-love. Some lose their self-confidence and self-love after a problematic or toxic relationship. Now it's important to focus on getting it back without depending or relying on a relationship or partner to do so. Take care of yourself, love your mistakes and faults, accept them, forgive yourself and learn from them.

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