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| by Nada Allam

Love Lessons We Learned from On-screen Couples

And the guy and the girl lived happily ever after… Or, and he proposed and she accepted with tears streaming down her face… We sat through it all, watching the expected endings in countless chick flicks, and couples breaking up and getting back together in the TV shows. Have you ever thought of what exactly you learned from watching all the romantic comedies out there. Well, here comes my two cents, the common love lessons we learned from on-screen couples. 

1. Always trust your gut feeling

A Walk to Remember: Jamie Sullivan knew deep down that Landen Carter was a good guy, and she stressed to her father he was the one and that she loved him, which finally got them to go out on a date. 

2. No relationship is all roses and butterflies

One Tree Hill: Nathen and Haley had THE love story of a lifetime, however they went through a whole lot of trouble in the middle. The key thing is to live through the hardships and enjoy the great moments. 

3. If it is meant to be it will be

Sex and the City: They broke up a lot, and he even didn't show up to his own wedding, but it was meant to be; Carrie and Big got married.

4. Falling in love with your best friend is double the fun

FRIENDS: Monica and Chandler were two people we did not see coming. But when they did fall in love, it just felt right and things went smoothly from there.

5. Love is accepting every side of you, especially your worst

Gossip Girl: They scheme, they lie, they even manipulate one another into getting what they want. But at the end of the day, Chuck and Blair accepted that their worst parts actually form who they really are and the foundation of their relationship.

6. The opinion of your family doesn't always matter

The Notebook: Allie's parents were extremely against her relationship with Noah, but when she tried to go with their opinion, and got engaged to the other guy, she lost her spark. She only got it back when she was back with Noah. 

7. Age is just a number 

The Proposal: Margaret and Andrew didn't start their relationship in a conventional way, what with marrying to prevent her deportation and all. However after getting to know one another, Andrew proposes to her for real, even though she was a lot older than him. 

8. Sometimes the girl is just not meant to get the guy 

My Best Friend's Wedding: Even though Julianne fell in love with Michael only after she lost him, and tried to sabotage his marriage, Michael stuck his heart and married Kimberly. 

9. It's not always love at first sight 

27 Dresses: Jane wanted true love, and the reporter Kevin just didn't fit the picture she had in her mind. But after she snapped back to reality, she realized he was the perfect man for her. 

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