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For the Love of Mexican Food, We Present to You this Delicious Meal!

What does the meal consist of? Mexican grilled chicken breasts, Mexican rice, and Mexican salsa.

One of my favorite cuisines is the Mexican cuisine. The flavors are so intense yet so fresh, and if you love chili like me, you can add it to almost all the dishes. This combo recipe is the closest to my heart, because it looks so sophisticated yet it's very easy. I used to order this dish in fancy restaurants and pay hundreds of pounds, but now after many trials and errors, I mastered it!

1) Mexican Grilled Chicken Breasts

Ingredients of grilled chicken breasts:

- ½ kilo chicken breasts

- 1 cup yogurt.

- 2 tbsp mustard.

- 1 tbsp tomato paste.

- 1 tbsp cumin.

- 1 tbsp paprika.

- Lemon juice.

- Pinch of salt.

How to make grilled chicken breasts:

1. Start by marinating the chicken breasts in a cup of yogurt, Mustard, tomato paste, cumin, Paprika, the lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

2. I prefer to leave the chicken breasts in the marination overnight, but an hour will do it if you are in a hurry.

3. When it's ready, grill it with some oil to get these beautiful grill marks.

2) Mexican Rice

Ingredients for the Mexican rice:

- 2 cups basmati rice.

- 2 tomatoes.

- 1 medium-sized onion.

- 2 garlic cloves.

- 1 tsp salt.

- 2 tsp cumin.

- 2 tsp paprika.

- 1 stock cube (or fresh stock).

How to make Mexican rice:

1. In a blender, blend the tomatoes, the onion, the garlic and the seasonings.

2. Toss the mixture in a hot pan with some oil for a couple of minutes. and then add the basmati rice and toss the mixture all together until the rice absorbs all the liquids in the pan.

3. Now pour enough hot water (boiling) to cover the rice. 

3. Add the stock cube to the water and leave it on medium/high heat for 5 minutes. Then turn the heat to very low for 25 minutes.

While the rice is cooking, prepare the delicious salsa.


3) Mexican Salsa

Ingredients of Mexican salsa:

- 4 tomatoes.

- 1 medium-sized onion.

- 2 juiced lemons.

- 2 chili peppers.

- 2 garlic cloves.

- Fresh cilantro.

How to make Mexican Salsa:

1. Put all the ingredients, except for the cilantro, in the mixer and mix roughly. Then add the cilantro and give the mixture a quick pulse.

2. You want to get a rough texture to get tiny pieces of tomato, pepper, and cilantro in each bite.

3. Aside from this dish, this salsa is a winner on any table. Use it as an appetizer with some Doritos, chips or tortilla.

Serve the rice and the chicken breasts with the salsa and some sour cream, and sprinkle fresh cilantro on top, and as for the lemon wedges, they are to be squeezed just before eating.

Bon appetit.

This recipe was prepared by Aya Wael of Kitchenista.

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